Please Select a Screening Tool

Below are a list of anonymous online screening tools provided to help identify symptoms of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, or post-traumatic stress disorder. The tools are intended to educate and are not designed to provide a clinical diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis for anxiety, mood, or post-traumatic disorders, or any other psychiatric disorder, can only be made by a qualified physician, or a qualified, registered, and licensed mental health professional after a complete evaluation, potentially including a physical exam, to rule out any other medical illnesses or conditions that may account for symptoms.

Using the anonymous screening tools lets you compare your responses to previously published responses from the general population or other public safety personnel. Your results can help inform whether you should consider speaking with a health care professional to get additional assistance.

Importantly, your responses are not being recorded and there is no person monitoring the screening tools to provide support. If you need assistance you can anonymously email your results to yourself and take that email to an appropriate health care provider.